2 Lip Scrubbers


Exfoliating your lips helps remove dry, dead, and flaky skin. A gentle exfoliation can be done daily and will help increase the softness and smoothness of your lips.

The top of our two sided lip scrubbing tool is made of a food grade silicone. One side has small bristles that are close together, while the other side has larger bristles that are a bit more spread apart. Either side can be used to scrub your lips. You will receive 2 scrubbers, one of each color. (Light & Dark Pink)

To Use: Apply water or a lip scrub to the tool and move it in a circular motion on your lips for up to 60 seconds, or until you feel all of the dead skin has been removed. Then rinse or wipe your lips off. Apply a lip balm or mask to really obtain the benefits of exfoliation. 

*Tip: Use this right after you brush your teeth. It will be easier to exfoliate your lips when they are wet.



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