Steer Clear Of Dry Lips This Winter!

I always know when the weather is changing by how my lips start to feel. It's usually around the end of September or so when my lips start burning and feeling overly dry. I find myself applying even more lip balm than usual, and if I skip a night of my lip mask...I can almost guarantee I'll wake up to red inflamed lips.

The reason our lips become dry during the winter is because the cold air outside doesn't have much moisture to it, and the heat we have inside to keep us warm is even drier! The fact that the skin on our lips is thinner than most of the skin on the rest of our body really makes it difficult for our lips to stay hydrated on their own.

My lips have gotten so dry before that they were to the point of cracking and bleeding. The pain was absolutely horrible. Thankfully it has been awhile since I have experienced that issue and here are some tips on how I avoid that situation now!

  • *Use a humidifier at night. By adding moisture into the air while I sleep I find that my skin overall is less dry during the Winter season.humidifier for dry air moist air

  • *Do not lick your lips! As our saliva evaporates it causes our lips to feel more dry and tight due to the digestive enzymes it contains. When this happens you'll want to lick them even more and it will just get worse. I keep my lips covered in something at all times to avoid licking them.

  • *Check out the ingredients in your lip balm. Make sure it does not contain ingredients that will dry out your lips such as phenol and camphor. 

  • *Drink more fluids! Everyone usually says water however some people out there just can't stand water. (Not me however, I am a water snob LOL). So drink whatever fluids it is that isn't high in sugar and will help hydrate you from the inside out. ph water hydration

  • *And lastly, keep your lips coated. Make sure to use a good lip balm with quality ingredients. Ours is made up of mango butter, jojoba oil, vitamin e, and unfiltered beeswax. A really good lip mask is also great not only for night time, but through out the day as well if you feel like the lip balm isn't enough. We have an amazing one of those as well made up of avocado butter, mango butter, unfiltered beeswax, almond oil, lime & peppermint essential oils. Mango butter lip mask

If you have tried any of these tips yourself, or have any you love to use, please comment below! I'd love to hear what works for you.

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